What We Do

What we do

For over 60 years, Ultra supports its customers; from initial safety and control system design, through sustainment of performance to emergency management of response. Our areas of expertise include:

Reactor Instrumentation & Control

Ultra has extensive experience in high integrity instrumentation and control systems covering:

  • Safety system design
  • Services in Independent Nuclear Safety Assessment (INSA) and Independent Confidence Building Measures (ICBM)
  • Reactor protection, control and distribution systems
  • Rod control and associated systems
  • Manufacture of high integrity electronics
  • Ageing, obsolescence and lifetime extension upgrades

Radiation Monitoring

Ultra has a portfolio of sensing systems for ionising radiation monitoring applications covering:

  • Neutron flux detection for in-core/ex-core reactor monitoring
  • Complex specialist radiation detection and measurement in nuclear facilities
  • Rugged military radiation detection systems for land and naval platforms
  • Stack effluent monitoring in nuclear and radio pharmaceutical production sites
  • Personnel and area monitoring

Nuclear Services
Ultra offer a full range of nuclear services to support customer operations covering:

  • Independent Nuclear Safety Assessment (INSA)
  • Feasibility studies and concept designs
  • Safety case support
  • Applications engineering
  • Radiological testing with a state-of-the-art neutron generator, X-ray and gamma test cell
  • Computational work including; Monte Carlo Particle Transport Modelling - MCNP 5, MCNP 6.1, signal processing data analysis & shielding calculations
  • Build-to-print manufacture of detectors and electronic systems (PCB’s/PCB assemblies/Racks etc.)
  • System integration, installation and testing