Radiation Monitoring
Area Monitors

9205 EMS - Data Management System

The 9205 EMS is a central supervisory system (also refered to as SCADA) that collects alarm status and result data from a network of the radiation detection instruments.


Features Include:

  • Floor plan view allows fast recognition of any alarm or status event.
  • To provide instant data access, the 9205 EMS internet client allows the user to review 9205 EMS data from any network access point
  • To aid management and reporting the 9205 EMS will record raw data to allow auditing of both system and device performance after an event.
  • For networks that include effluent monitoring devices (i.e. stack), the 9205 EMS can be configured to provide automatic reports on total effluent emissions from the facility.
  • To offer user flexibility, the 9205 EMS can be expanded to incorporate other network sensors for alternative applications or from alternative suppliers.
  • Maximum system uptime through the use of dual data storage mechanisms and communications networks with built in redundancy
  • Graphical display of historic measurement (trend and tabular)
  • Compatible with any network architecture (TCPIP, RS485, Wireless)


From the systems' inception in the early 1990's, the 9205EMS has been adopted at hundreds of nuclear, military, and radiophamaceutical facilities around the World.