Radiation Monitoring
Area Monitors

Area Gamma Monitor - CMS Gamma

The CMS Gamma is an advance continuous monitoring station for the measurement of gamma radiation (dose-rate) in the environment or workplace. The system provides essential, reliable information to personnel when radiation levels are above normal. The versatile unit can provide interlock control in hot areas such as fuel stores, caves, glove boxes and hot cells as required.


The System can be used with Ion-Chamber, GM or Scintillator detector technology


  • Installed or Transportable
  • Internal back up battery which enables full operation for up to 1 hour in the event of mains failure.
  • The detector arrangement can be installed at distances of up to 1000m (3,280ft) from the CMS station.
  • Wide range of detectors available.

CMSGamma DetectorTypes07b2

(Table showing Gamma Detector options)