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Continuous Air Monitor - SmartCAM

The Lab Impex Systems SmartCAM is a next generation Continuous Air Monitor (CAM) that provides the user unparalleled performance in terms of detectable limit, sensitivity and speed to alarm

The SmartCAM utilizes state-of-the-art Spectral Measurement Analysis in Real Time (SMART)
Technology, that provides real advances in alpha measurement techniques. Using an isotope peak fitting algorithm proven to be more accurate than regions-of-interest or tail-fitting methods, results are faster, more accurate and more reliable than ever.

In operation, the SmartCAM continually monitors alpha and beta particulates deposited on a static filter with a high efficiency detector. Air is drawn through the filter by an external wall mounted vacuum pump or distributed vacuum main.


  • Measurement of alpha and/or beta particulate
  • Allows the user to identify air concentration by isotope or as gross alpha
  • Detachable head assembly for remote monitoring
  • Full alpha spectral analysis with unique radon-thoron peak fitting algorithm
  • Improved measurement quality as a result of alpha spectrum stabilization, by means of continuous air pressure and temperature measurement.
  • Fixed filter or moving filter configurations available

The SmartCAM is recognized as a leading solution for fast and accurate detection of radioactive particulate. Over 800 devices have been supplied around the World in the past three years.