Radiation Monitoring
Emergency Monitoring & Management

Nuclear Emergency Warning System

Incident Management SoftwareUltra Electronics has been at the heart of the UK's national capability Nuclear Emergency Response Plan for two decades, providing a range of expertise and equipment ranging from specialist ionising radiation sensors to complete command and control emergency management software systems


Ultra's enhanced software platform provides mapped real time continuous data from installed or deployed sensors in addition to a variety of tools enabling incident management including:

  • Map annotation to outline affected area, cordon areas and personnel positions including locations of hospitals, schools, shopping centres and local homes
  • Up to date weather data
  • Analysis of raw data eg. (weather effects, plume modelling, casualties, location of emergency services)
  • Recording of sample analysis
  • Stateboards
  • Information management including release of information to the press and public arenas, reporting capability to interested stakeholders and secure, fully traceable quality controlled data for retrospective analysis