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Neutron Survey Monitor

The Neutron Monitor 2222A He-3, Digipig, is a new version of the former famous model 2222A.

To apply new IATA transport regulations He- 3 detector is used, with moderator containing polyethylene and boron plastic. Integration with SMD-technology gives a very compact monitor including μ-processor, memory functions and real-time clock. With these electronics a number of new functions have been integrated.

The 2222 is intended as a general purpose instrument for radiation protection purposes as well as for continuous monitoring of levels of neutron radiation in locations where permanent dose monitoring is required.



  • Measured values are displayed in digital and bar- graph form on LCD
  • Measuring both dose rate and dose
  • He-3 neutron counter meeting IATA transport regulations
  • External pulse output
  • Battery operated
  • Internal data memory, RS 232 for communication
  • Win Pig software for Windows PC
  • The instrument is essentially independent of direction of the source
  • Very low sensitivity to gamma radiation
  • Equipped with five presettable dose rate alarm levels, one in each decade.