Radiation Monitoring
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SCINTO: Survey Meter with Ultra Fast Response

The SCINTO is a highly sensitive, fast response, scintillation detector based, portable dose rate meter to detect and measure radioactive sources quickly in a variety of applications.



With its NaI-scintillation detector, the SCINTO is 500 - 1000 times as sensitive as a conventional
Geiger-Muller detector.


There are two types available:


Type A: 1 x 1.5“ NaI-detector, Range: 40 nSv/h – 500 μSv/h
Type B: 1.5 x 2“ NaI-detector, Range: 40 nSv/h – 200 μSv/h



  • Fast response and highly sensitive dose rate meter with NaI-scintillation detector
  • Available with a telescopic wand to ensure distance between the user and the source
  • To extend the dose rate measuring range, external Geiger-Müller detectors can be connected.