Radiation Monitoring
Handheld, Portables & Contamination

Contamination monitor - Large Area - CoMo170/300 - (a,b,g)

CoMo170/300 is a high efficiency surface contamination monitor fitted with a thin layer plastic scintillation detector with a 170/300cm2 detector surface. Utilising the latest in photo-multiplier technology the CoMo170/300 is highly efficient at detecting alpha and beta/gamma radiation.


The optional wall mount/charger allows the systems to be used as hand monitor. Easily removed it can then be used for frisking clothing and surfaces for contamination.

Also available is a Smear test station for indirect measurement.


  • Simultaneous or selective alpha and beta/gamma contamination measurement
  • User friendly
  • No need for costly consumable gas
  • Calibrated reference nuclide file with integrated auto calibration
  • Integrated storage of measured data, software for read-out and processing of measured data
  • Background subtraction, with adjustable background measurement time
  • Automatic external detector identification - extensive range of additional accessories including wall stations, floor bogeys and smear test stations
  • Dose rate version with integrated GM tube
  • The CoMo 170 and CoMo 300 have been type tested to IEC 60325 - performed by HPA (formerly NRPB).