Radiation Monitoring

Modular Counting - Euronim 8000 series

The EuroNIM™ Modular 8000 offers a versatile, 19” rack mounted (or desktop) profile accommodating standard LIS Euro card modules for a variety of radiometric counting, monitoring and control applications. The system provides an ideal upgrade for 6000 series users.


Standard configurations include:


  • Single channel counting system
  • Four channel counting system
  • Ten channel counting system



Required detector inputs are external via rear mount plug connection, enabling many remote monitoring locations out on plant to be accommodated by a single central processing unit. Detectors at up to 70m separation can be accommodated, with only a single coax cable interface required in between.



Control of the counting system can either be local to the Euronim or it can interface to other Euronim units in a Master/Slave configuration for expanded system options or indeed connected to a PC or PLC to support bespoke client interface requirements. An example of the latter is a SWAB counting system which interfaced with a clients PLC controlled robotic swabbing unit which initiated the Euronim counting function when the swab sample was presented to the detection station for a go/no go assessment.




  • Ratemeter or scaler counting applications supported
  • Compatible with varying detector types enables wide measurement scope possibilities – Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Neutron
  • The system can also be used for plant control and automatic process shut down protection systems with Functional Safety Envelopes (FSE) at SIL 1 level incorporated
  • Outputs per channel from: 4-20mA loop, Alarm and Fail Digitals
  • Capability for calibrated measurement quantities, engineering units, data log and SMART interfaces – all separate and outside of the declared FSE when these are included in the system configuration ordered
  • Automatic check source and calibration routines
  • The Euronim platform is a direct drop-in replacement for many existing 6000 / 2000 obsolete series equipment. A short visit to your site confirms back plate wiring connections and required operating methodology to achieve true plug and play compatibility



Applications covered include:

  • U235, Cs137, Ru106, I129, I131, Kr85 and other isotope monitoring.
  • Cooling water monitoring.
  • Gamma process monitoring.
  • Laboratory counting systems – Euronim provides central counting engine between multiple sample counters and PC resident measurement and analysis software. Alpha draws, Beta and Gamma counters accommodated