Radiation Monitoring
Military Platforms

Naval Vessel Radiation Monitoring System ANVS2

Navel Radiation MonitoringThe ANV-S2 is an exceptionally robust, highly qualified, naval vessel installed gamma radiation monitoring system used by navies worldwide to detect the residual radiation resulting from a nuclear weapon detonation. The system monitors the radiological environment within the ship or submarine whilst providing continuous data regarding the external threat in both air and water.

The ANV-S2 consists of a number of fixed gamma radiation detectors mounted in strategic positions throughout the boat, both inside and outside the vessel. The sensor technology employed provides a wide detection range which provides rapid automatic warning when entering a nuclear radiation environment and continues to monitor and report on-going dose and dose rate information.

Features of the system include:

  • Ruggedised, reliable, modular system
  • Fully qualified to military standards
  • Up to 7 detectors mounted throughout the vessel
  • Extended detection range from background up to RADIAC levels
  • No internal radioactive sources
  • Low through life costs