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Alpha/Beta Counter - AutoSAS Lung Dosimtery System

‘Protecting the worker - safeguarding the employer’


The AutoSAS is a ten detector automatic counting system suitable for personal air sample (PAS) and static air sample (SAS) cards. With a capacity of 200 samples in a single loading, the system has an extremely high throughput potential.


Available as a complete software/hardware package using barcode technology to control the generation, issue and counting of samples, the AutoSAS is used in many nuclear facilities to assist in compiling worker lung dose records. A barcode label applicator is also available with the system to offer complete sample control.



  • Multi-detector Personal Air Sample (PAS) and Static Air Sample (SAS) counter
  • Combined alpha/beta counter or alpha counter versions available
  • Semiconductor or ZnS/Scintillator measurement technology
  • Optional radon/thoron compensation