Radiation Monitoring
Stack Effluent Monitoring

Gas Sampling Systems - GSS-1 Tritium, GSS-2 Carbon-14, GSS-3 Sulphur-35

LIS has developed Gas Sampling System (GSS) to determine accurate gas activity levels released into the atmosphere.

The new GSS range was developed due to regulators demand that all sectors of the nuclear industry perform effective and accurate monitoring of stack emissions.


A traditional bubbler system is used to collect the gas emission in a liquid, which is then counted using a scintillation counter. The sample measurement gives an accurate indication of the activity released up the stack.


The bubbler can include a furnace and catalyst to enable both organic and non-organic forms to be collected.

  • Low cost, effective monitoring of gas emissions
  • Low minimum detectable levels
  • Near 99% efficiencies
  • An important factor in the measurement of the aerial discharge is the accurate measurement of both the stack and sample flow rates.
  • The unit is housed in a free standing, lockable enclosure, which provide a secure and clean sampling environment.


Four systems currently available:-

  1. GSS1 - Tritium Bubbler
  2. GSS2 - Carbon Bubbler
  3. GSS3 - Sulphur Bubbler
  4. GSS4 – Ruthenium