Radiation Monitoring
Stack Effluent Monitoring

Gaseous Monitoring - PG10 Gas Activity Monitor

The PG-10 Gas Activity Detector measures beta or positron emitting radioactive gases in the environment (or in a closed loop system).

The detector is suitable for PET Radiation monitoring, Noble Gas monitoring and monitoring of Nuclear Medicine Radio-nuclides.


Primarily used for the measurement of emissions from stack and ducts, the PG-10 detector may also be configured to sample the air in the working environment.


Detectors are normally built for the specific application and supplied with NPL traceable calibration.


The CMS (Continuous Monitoring Station) can simultaneously measure the PG-10 output and the flow rate through the stack/duct and report the discharge rate in days/weeks/months/years etc.


  • Accurate measurement of beta gamma gaseous discharge.
  • Reports discharge emissions inline with regulator requirements
  • Customised systems to suit all applications