Radiation Monitoring
Stack Effluent Monitoring

Inline Filter Holder

The Inline filter holder is suitable for use with card mounted filters of either 25mm or 40mm diameter.

It is constructed completely of stainless steel with inlet sizes of either 10mm or 25mm diameter. Offering a cost effective alternative to other holders in the market, the Lab Impex inline filter holder allows the filter card to be inserted and removed without disconnecting the duct/stack ensuring minimum disruption.


The unit was specifically designed to reduce in-leakage and therefore provides a representative sample to the sample line. The inlet geometry ensures even distribution of particulate over the full filter collection area.


Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for 25mm or 40mm filter cards
  • Filter card can be changed without interfering with the vacuum line
  • Inline filter holder with either 10mm or 25mm inlet
  • Full stainless steel construction


Lab Impex can supply a wide range of filter holders suitable for radiological monitoring and sampling. The filter holders can come for use with loose paper filters or cartridges. An option of pressure ports can also be specified so that a differential pressure gauge can be fitted across the holder so that blocked or broken filters can be identified with ease.


Features and Benefits

  • Loose filter type or cartridge filters can be used