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Differential Pressure Transmitter - DP 2001

Designed for use with our range of pitot flow sensors, the DP2001 has been designed for use on extract and ventilation monitoring systems and offers an extremely sensitive differential pressure measurement.


The DP2001 electronics package incorporates the latest digital technology and when used in conjunction with the tried and tested Pitot Tube, produces an accurate and traceable flow measurement.


When installed close to the primary flow element, which could be a Pitot Tube, Orifice Plate, Venturi or any other DP generating device, the DP2001 is simply connected by means of two impulse lines. The instrument offers a two wire 4-20mA unit with LCD display, integral square root, alarm relay contacts and totaliser pulsed outputs. When also used with a temperature sensor, the DP2001 can display flow referenced to specified conditions i.e. normal or standard m3/sec etc.


In addition to flow readings the DP2001 can be used to measure the differential pressure in glove boxes, operating and clean rooms.



  • Accurate traceable flow measurement device for use in stack/duct monitoring systems
  • Multiple measurement ranges available
  • Transmitter can be re-scaled in the field without the need of other calibration equipment
  • DP2001 can accept additional temperature and pressure input to provide compensated output
  • 4-20mA two wire loop powered system
  • High and Low alarm outputs
  • Pulsed totalised outputs
  • Range of field selectable flow units.