Radiation Monitoring
Stack Effluent Monitoring

PET Cyclotron Facility Stack Monitoring

The LIS Positron Gas Stack Monitor provides continuous monitoring of effluent discharges from cyclotron (and other positron gas users) facilities.

The well established system measures the activity concentration of effluent being discharged as well as continuously measuring flow of the monitored stack. This allows calculation of the total radioactive effluent discharged to atmosphere.
A software package (9205 PET) provides a comprensive record of all raw data which can be analysed and facilitates the production of standard daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports for the regulator.


The key parts of the LIS Positron Gas Stack Monitor are:

  • A continuous monitoring station (CMS PET) which continuously displays realtime indication of activity concentration in the stack and provides local audible and visual alarms.
  • A radioactive gas detector (PG-10) which provides accurate measurement of activity concentration of positron gas.
  • Stack flow measurement device which uses an averageing Pitot and differential pressure monitor (DP2001) to measure the continuous and accumulated flow up the facility stack.



  • Designed to provide fast response to positron gas concentration, the CMS-PET system will provide a display of concentration (Bq/m3 or PCi/ml) and volumetric stack flow (m3/sec or CFM).
  • The CMS PET Stack monitor can be networked to a facility control centre computer for remote monitoring, alarm annuciation, historical data collection and reporting function. See the 9205PET for more information on this package.