Radiation Monitoring
Stack Effluent Monitoring

Stack and Duct Sampling and Real Time Monitoring

Lab Impex Systems have the capability to survey, design, supply, install and commission complete isokinetic sampling and stack flow monitoring systems.


Within any stack monitoring installation accurate flow measurement is an important consideration. Depending upon the geometry and the length of straight duct, either an averaging Pitot or a Pitot array can be used. The Pitot array assembly can contain a section of flow straightener to maximise flow monitoring accuracy by minimising the effects of turbulence and cross flow.


Differential pressure generated by stack airflows tends to be small (typically less than 100 Pascals) therefore the DP2001 Differential Transmitter has been designed specifically for use on this type of facility. The DP 2001 can display flow locally via its integral LCD, provide alarm contacts for high or low flow and can transmit a 4-20 mA signal back to a building management PC.


Isokinetic sample probes can also be included as part of the Pitot Array assembly if required, or installed directly into the stack/duct as individual items. The gas sample may be fed either to a SAS Static Air Sampler or to a CMS 2000 Mk6 or SmartCAM alpha/beta Continuous Air Monitor.


Stack sampling instrumentation can be built into stand-alone cabinets, skids or wall-mounted enclosures. Also included in these assemblies would be vacuum pumps and control gear.


The scope for addressing each projects needs is endless. For example, a stack sampling scheme may call for only one pump, or it could require a duty and standby pump, with automatic or manual switchover in the event of a pump failure or maintenance.
The complete system can be tailor made to suit each customer’s individual site needs, with the number and type of samplers /monitors varying from project to project.

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